Greg Goodman
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The Best Business Plan Book
For Real Estate Agents

How to Write a Great Business Plan
And Use It to Grow Your Business Constantly

Real estate agents have all of the same entrepreneurial challenges as any small business owner. Finally, a book that takes the business plan lessons of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and puts them on a level that uniquely addresses the needs of today’s real estate sales professionals.

In The Best Business Plan Book For Real Estate Agents, Greg Goodman explains business plans in down to earth, easily digestible terms. Moreover, based on the insights he’s gained through nearly three decades as a professional business plan writer, he shows you how to use the business plan process to turn your business plan into an ongoing business building tool. The Best Business Plan Book For Real Estate Agents...

• Explains what genuinely effective business plans are really all about (they’re NOT about fill-in-the-blanks templates!!)

• Presents exercises to help you engage in the kinds of explorations that lead to new insights and solid strategy decisions

• Guides you through the entire business plan writing process step-by-step, from gathering information, to generating new ideas, to formulating all the key elements of your business plan – including financial projections

• Describes proven ways to make your business plan work for you again and again as your business grows

“There is so much in this book! Greg Goodman really understands the real estate sales business AND clearly understands real estate salespeople!! Companies could really learn from this book, and lots of real estate training people could benefit from it too. A terrific book.”
Steven James, President of Manhattan Brokerage
Prudential Douglas Elliman

“In an era of books for “DUMMIES,” this is a breath of fresh air for everyone else in the real estate industry who wants to improve focus, direction of purpose, and bottom line results. A sure bet to make you a regular at the closing table.”
Marc Kunen, Managing Director
Luxury Mortgage
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