Greg Goodman
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30 Years of Experience, Over $2 Billion Raised

Greg Goodman specializes in helping companies appeal to the financial community and maximize their profit potential through custom-written, high-impact business plans.

Greg learned the theory of business plan writing at Wharton in the late 1970s, but refined the practice of creating effective business plans through decades of real world experience. As an independent consultant since 1982, he has worked with hundreds of client companies ranging from “garage” start-ups to industry-leading multinationals…in more than 75 different business categories…on three continents. A few of his clients have included:  Kenneth Cole; Christie’s auction house; DOAR Litigation Support; International Flavors & Fragrances; CommercialWare; Brioni; AVP Pro Beach Volleyball; Il Bottaccio; Communication Devices Inc.; and, Applied Nanoscience...among hundreds of others.

Extensive interaction with investment banks, venture capital firms, and private investors on behalf of his clients has solidified Greg’s view that although skillful writing is important, helping clients ensure that they have the strongest possible strategy is vital—both to the success of an enterprise, as well as to the success of the business plan itself with stakeholders, directors, and financing sources.

Greg has frequently lectured to business groups on topics including:  Why Business Plans Fail; and, The Value of a Great Business PlanMore Efficient Strategy Implementation, Faster Deal Completion, and a Superior Valuation. His book–The Best Business Plan Book For Real Estate Agents was published in 2010.